Showtec – Pixel Tile P25 MKII DMX, Kling- & Artnet


The Pixeltile P25 MKII is a sq. 300x300mm pixel fixture. It’s provided with Klingnet, Artnet and DMX protocol. This makes it conceivable to make use of the Pixel tile with quite a lot of controllers and tool. It has two Ethernet RJ-forty five ports with a Integrated transfer for linking Klingnet or Artnet. Powercon in/out and DMX in/out for daisy chain power and information. The 2×18 character show makes it simple to set network and fixture settings. The DMT Pixeltile P25 incorporates 144 pixels with a pitch of 25mm. The pixels are fastened in a configuration of 12×12. It has a sliding bracket for versatile rigging and the chance to attach a couple of battens in vertical position to do away with gaps in between. Each and every batten must at all times be rigged one after the other. Use the Tile together with the strip and the batten to make inventive visual setups. The Pixeltile additionally has the similar measurements because the Showtec White pix which makes them simple to mix in a grid.
? Klingnet, Artnet, DMX
? Integrated Ethernet transfer 
? P25, 12×12 pixels
? Integrated programs