Pin Spot Lighting 12W 4-IN-1 Mobile DJ Disco Colour Mixing Light|Beamz PS12W

12W 4-In-1 Led
Rgbw Colour Mixing
Special Lens To Create A Narrow Bundle


The PS12W from Beamz, is a bright pinspot with a 12 watt 4-in-1 LED. The LED is building up with the colors red, green, blue and white. On account of the narrow spot it is ideal for aiming at mirror-balls. Giving that galactic milky-manner effect when the bundle reflects at the mirrors. On account of the inner cooling unit there is not any want for a loud fan, making the PS12W also ideal for in-store installations.

RGB+White Colour Mixing
Having white on your LED colour output, is just about the ‘should-have’ in lighting fixtures effects nowadays. Enabling a a lot more vast array of colour mixing output and naturally, pure whites as a substitute of a relatively yellow or pink tinted replication.

Built-In Presets
The PS12W spot can also be set in numerous preset programs to modify colours over the years or be set to a particular colour. Even after turning off the ability, the spot will keep in mind that its last setting. A great light for mirror balls in mobile dj set-ups, showcasing and more.

• 12W 4-in-1 LED
• RGBW Colour mixing
• Special lens to create a narrow bundle
• 10 Preset programs
• Internal cooling with out fan
• Including mounting bracket

• No. of colors: 4
• Colours : Red, Green, Blue and White
• No. of LEDs: 1x 12W 4-in-1
• Power supply: one hundred~240Vac / 60-50Hz
• Consumption: 12W
• Dimensions: 150 x 88 x 62mm
• Weight: 0.3kg
12W 4-In-1 Led
Rgbw Colour Mixing
Special Lens To Create A Narrow Bundle
10 Preset Programs
Electromarket Cable Tie Included