Mini LED Derby Effect Mobile DJ Disco Light 6x3w 288 Beams|Beamz Butterfly II

6X 3W Single Colour Rgbawp Leds
Ir Remote Control
Pre Programmed Shows


The Butterfly II is an update of the former model. More LEDs, more colour and more Keep watch over. You’ll be able to now produce 48 beams in 6 different colours, totalling as much as 288 single beams. All of this can also be controlled with the equipped remote Keep watch over (infra-red). A super effect for any beginning DJ or entertainer but in addition very ideal for smaller venues where you may have limited room but need numerous light.

Float Like A Butterfly
The Butterfly, will carry out alongside the performer: with a valid responsive mode that impressively pulsates with each and every thump and beat. There may be a stand by myself mode and automated mode for a more random display utilizing the built-in pre-programmed light show sequences.

Powerful Display With out The Power
Low power consumption is something of a should, less overheating, longer running times and lower price, this doesn’t impact the Butterfly’s performance. 3x 3 watt Red, Green and Blue LEDs produce brighter and better defined beams and patterns than such a lot other lamps.

An All-Round Performer
The Butterfly LED RGB light is an improbable DJ light that truly performs, to be used in disco, nightclubs, bars, house-parties and more. Simple to mount, plug-in and play.

6x 3W single colour RGBAWP LEDs
IR remote control
Pre programmed shows
Sound activated with adjustable sensitivity
Auto mode with adjustable speed

SpecificationsPower rating: 20W
No. of LEDs: 6x 3W RGBAWP
Power provide: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 185 x 205 x 190mm
Weight: 1.6kg
6X 3W Single Colour Rgbawp Leds
Ir Remote Keep watch over
Pre Programmed Shows
Sound Activated With Adjustable Sensitivity
Electromarket Cable Tie Included