Fret-King Esprit III Candy Apple Red Guitar


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The distinctive reversed six-a-side in-line peghead and striking asymmetric body add as much as a commentary of favor with individuality and attitude to spare.

The three pickup Esprit III is a rock monster in disguise with its feet firmly rooted in tradition, and an aptitude and flexibility which belies its looks.

The long tenon set-neck construction, combining a three-piece centre block agathis body with fast-playing maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, creates an outstanding platform so that you can build your Esprit III’s tone.

The distinctive reversed six-a-side in-line peghead, asymmetric body and WP90s, vintage ’60s ‘Long Tail’ vibrato and signature oversized pickguard all add as much as an actual commentary of favor with attitude.

The reverse string tension and 3 stacked Fret-King WP90s give the Esprit III an enormous range of core sounds. Master volume and master tone add to the dynamic and tonal range, at the same time as the Fret-King Vari-coil permits every of the stacked pickups to be rolled steadily back to single coil.

The Vari-coil and five-way switch be offering endless permutations such as classic neck P90, that definitive bridge single coil, hot bridge humbucker, after which some. Are you able to consider neck and middle, with the Vari-coil half long ago, mid-tone and volume backed off a bit, sweetness and tool like no other guitar, or a middle position humbucker, swept back to a neck and middle ‘out of phase’ setting within the flick of a switch?

The smooth-as-silk Wilkinson, vintage ’60s ‘Long Tail’ vibrato and the Wilkinson roller bridge, which features excellent go back to pitch, add much more dynamic and function opportunities to the Esprit III a guitar which never fails to surprise, with an enormous range of sounds, some very familiar, some a surprise, all exceptionally useable.

Unconventional? Most likely. Versatile? Undoubtedly. A strong commentary of individuality? So much indubitably!

Instantly recognisable…