Danelectro Baby Sitar

‘thermometer’ headstock shape
6 strings tuned like standard guitar
Round body shape

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The Danelectro Electrical Sitar Guitar will take you out to the a ways east and back to the 60’s! Its flat bridge provides it the acquainted sitar “buzz”, with a bright sound from the one-coil alnico pickup. This Danelectro is a useful gizmo for adding psychedelic flavours for your tune with no need to be informed a brand new tool: this sitar guitar is tuned E-E as same old. That implies all the shapes and patterns you utilize for your on a regular basis taking part in will also be translated straight over to the sitar guitar. Very cool! So in case you are on the lookout for a singular and amusing tool so as to add for your arsenal, glance no additional than the Danelectro Electrical Sitar Guitar.
‘thermometer’ headstock form
6 strings tuned like same old guitar
Spherical frame form
Gotoh sitar bridge
1 lipstick pickup