Charvel USA Custom Shop RTM So-Cal 1H EMG – Dakota Red


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Wealthy Tone Music is proud to be appointed the one Charvel Custom Shop dealer in the entire of the United Kingdom and Europe. Handcrafted in america by Charvel Luthiers to our own specifications, the use of the fastened menu from the Charvel Custom make a choice programme, we’ve got made a guitar to excite Charvel enthusiasts. It has the entire playability of a Super-Strat combined with the bell like quality ceaselessly related to a maple neck and alder body combo; and it is been slotted along with an excellent neck pocket are compatible, gorgeous! The neck wooden has also been quartersawn – making the neck more stable and rigid, providing better tone transfer from the neck to the body of the guitar. Fitted with a single EMG 81 pickup, supplying you with fluid sustain and an aggressive, dense tone that may cut thru any combine even as being versatile enough to fulfil plenty of roles. That is both a singular and exclusive instrument, do not miss out and get yourself a real original.