Beamz Triple Flex Professional Mobile DJ Colour LED Scanner Party Light Rotating Disco Lighting

Triple head scanners for maximum coverage
Suitable for dance floors, parties and on stage
DMX control, sound activated and automatic modes


Entertainment is essential within the music industry. A best end performance is what’s going to separate your set from every other DJs at the circuit. Ideal for home or professional use, this ultra bright Triple Flex LED lighting fixtures unit with three scanning heads, provides every corner of a space with hanging beam effects. With stepper motors for smooth and quick reflect movements and 24 longlife LEDs every scanning head, this light provides the venue with an unlimited range of effects with the intention to create a buzz at parties and events. Includes built-in programmes, three operational modes: Strobe serve as for real underground club/rave kind effects, sound-to-light that responds to the beats and sound of your music the usage of the built-in rear panel microphone and automated mode for a freestyle, energised movement. The Beamz Triple Flex will also be operated by means of DMX, for individuals who want to explore creativity of their lighting fixtures shows. With adjustable mounting bracket, a typical-are compatible hole grants the DJ the chance to mount onto stands, railings and trussing. Above a dance floor, set on stage or centre of the decks: the Beamz triple flex has creative potential for pros, yet simplified enough for a home-end or first-time user.
Triple head scanners for optimum coverage
Appropriate for dance floors, parties and on stage
DMX keep watch over, sound activated and automated modes
Adjustable mounting bracket
Electromarket Cable Tie Included