Acme LED 900D RGB Color Spot

LED Colour: RGB
LED Diode: 3w
DMX: Yes


Acme’s RGB Pinspot is an LED powered pinspot that is in a position to producing a rainbow of wonderful colors with out the usage of colour wheels or filters.
• The top output RGB Pinspot can produce 7 other colors: yellow, purple, cyan, red, inexperienced, blue and white. The onboard DMX permits the unit to provide an entire complement of colors. It could actually serve as as a color strobe (slow to Speedy) and provides full dimming (from zero-one hundred%).

Main Options:
• 3W tri-Color LED
• 3 Operational Modes: DMX, Master/Slave, Sound Active
• Slow to Speedy Strobe
• Dimming: zero-one hundred percent
• Beam perspective: 12 level (additionally contains 6 level lens in box)
• Optional CA-8
• Seperate keep an eye on of RGB by way of DMX

LED Color: RGB
LED Diode: 3w
DMX: Yes
DMX Connectors: 3-pin
DMX Channel Modes: 3, 4