New Sledge Amplifier STA-500D: Precise, Flexible, Powerful SVS 12″ High Output Driver Premium Finishes, Modern Styling, Versatile Placement Options, Easy Room Integration Heavy-duty voice coil for extreme power handling Lightweight aluminum cone delivers high efficiency   Experience ultra-deep, soul-shaking boom with no cabinet buzz. Display it or hide it. Sounds great even on its side. Works with PLAYBAR, PLAY:1, PLAY:3, PLAY:5 and CONNECT:AMP.   Type: Dynamic balance composite cone Total frequency response: 32 Hz-250 Hz Subwoofer crossover: 60 Hz-160 Hz Diameter: 10 inches (25.40 cm)   Powerful 12″ copper-spun front-firing woofer All-digital amplifier delivers 400 watts of dynamic power Equally impressive withRead More →

Making sense! That’s what ZENSOR 1 is up to, packing as much legacy and music as possible into a slim and compact bookshelf speaker cabinet that you can carry home under your arm. The versatile ZENSOR 1 is ideal as all-round stereo loudspeaker preferably in small to medium sized rooms. It even works excellently as front speaker in a 2.1 surround set-up or as back speaker in 5.1 systems including subwoofer, as the distinguished and discreet sound resource it is. Distinguished by it well-known DALI signatures such as the light and yet stiff wood fibre cones delivering a highly dynamic, detailed, and undisturbed sound reproduction,Read More →

Includes a huge selection of HD amps 100+ Studio & Stompbox Effects 512 user writable preset locations Assignable expression pedal 48 Second Looper   Compact and powerful floor multi-effects with a simple knob-based interfaceEight simultaneous effects categories, each with multiple effects typesDial up tones with the ease of using your favorite stompboxesIncludes a massive selection of top-quality effects, from classic BOSS stomps to the latest MDP effectsUpdated flagship-level COSM amps derived from the GT-100Eight multifunction footswitches and expression pedalManual mode for stomp box-style on/off; Memory mode for switching complete patch Features At A Glance: 68 onboard high-quality digital effects, including distortion, overdrive, EQ, compression, delay,Read More →

   The Rega Fono mini A2D is a quality phono pre amplifier. The Fono mini A2D is designed to amplify the signal from a moving magnet cartridge to a suitable level for all line level inputs of an audio amplifier. The USB interface also offers the ability to simply transfer vinyl to PC . The Fono mini A2D amplifier offers exceptional performance and convenience and will be a valuable addition to any Hi-Fi set up. The new Fono mini A2D benefits from an extruded aluminium case and very user friendly front and back panels that make this phono pre amplifier a very easy product toRead More →

15″ ampeg custom15 speaker Ampeg ultra hi/lo tone shaping Legacy ampeg preamp with 3-band eq Bass scrambler overdrive delivers svt grind (footswitch optional) Lightweight, portable design   40 Watts 10″ Fender Special Design speaker 1/4″ jack input Single channel with selectable bright, contour, vintage and overdrive switching bass, low-mid high-mid and treble EQ controls   Active 3 Band EQ Parametric Mid Control Bi-Amp Inspired Blend and Gain Controls (Foot switchable) Buffered Effects Loop Chromatic Tuner   30 watts rms 1 x 10″ custom designed driver On board compressor Switchable limiter Di socket (jack)  Read More →

  Quick mount, passive, magnetic soundhole pickup Hum cancelling, moderate output Instant-mount, moused in maple cover Double potted, warm and rich tone with no 60-cycle hum Great for strumming and delicate fingerstyle playing   Soundhole pickup active Rare earth blend humbucking pickup Mic/pickup blend control Flexable cardiod microphone Fits soundholes as small as 92mm Shadow SH 145 g/m² pickup Active soundhole pickup in humbucker format with volume control Perfect for the right balance for right- and left-handed users Classical Guitar full shielding, so to 100% hum-free, Fits in all standard sound holes Includes endpin jack and additional output cable (4 m) incl. 3 V button cell batteries (#Read More →

TACTILE PERFORMANCE PADS Four rubber pads enable you to trigger Hot Cue, Auto Loop, Manual Loop and Sampler – while a further four give immediate access to Play, Cue, Sync and Shift functions. LARGE JOG WHEELS This compact controller comes with large jog wheels, providing a dynamic performance with great scratch response and accuracy. AUTHENTIC & DYNAMIC DJ PLAY       Pads: 16 Knobs: 8 Faders: 2 Decks: 2 Software Included: Virtual DJ LE Full colour displays provides 1:1 real time visualization of Serato DJ and dedicated hardware controls for all critical software functions Full Serato DJ included via download Pro-grade crossfader with FaderRead More →

1. PLAY FOR THE SONG As a rule, strong bass playing requires that you practice limitation and nuance as opposed to exhibit your strategy and smooth moves. As a rule, it’s best to work generally with the root notes of the harmonies and secure with the drummer’s kick and catch drums. 2. Figure out how TO WALK “Strolling bass” begun in jazz and blues, however it has since been embraced in different styles. The term alludes to a method for playing in which the bass line stays in never-ending movement instead of remaining on or emphasizing one note. The line “strolls” from one harmony’s rootRead More →

“Well beyond” – Bassnectar “Well beyond” takes bass to another level of significant underground solid. The electronic lows made by DJ Bassnectar in this stunning track are too much profound. Try not to miss the alleviation of the unforeseen string and piano tune either. Multifaceted nature at its finest, “Well beyond” is a honest to goodness blast of bass and sound. “Delirium” – Muse From the British shake amass Muse, comes “Madness,” a substantial electronic track stuffed with energy and stamina. Bass is the focal theme from the principal note to the last, upgrading the falsetto vocals of front man Matthew Bellamy. The genuine enchantmentRead More →

It’s sort of unexpected, however it might be that the littlest and most moderate bit of apparatus we guitarists claim—ounce for ounce, and dollar for dollar—has the greatest effect on both our tone and our procedure. We utilize the pick (or “plectrum”) to strike the strings, and that gets our whole sound flag under way—regardless of whether it’s through airborne acoustic sound waves or a flag way brimming with stompboxes nourishing booming amps. The material, thickness, surface, and state of that pick have an outsized effect on the sound we make, as well as on our expressing and explanation. Without a doubt, a pick canRead More →